Sherlock Consulting is a small company of consultants for the IT industry. Unusually for this industry, we have consistently delivered on time, and within budget for all projects undertaken to date. All our staff are educated to degree level.

Our previous developments have been centred around two areas:

Some further details of these areas are given below, followed by contact information.

Previous developments have resulted in a collection of useful utilities which we are now pleased to release as freeware.


For Unix work, please contact the company at the address and phone number given at the bottom of this page to discuss your requirements.


The embedded developments we have been involved with have covered a wide range of hardware and software platforms, some of which are listed below. As there is such a plethora of platforms and environments with which to work with we appreciate that customers usually list their chosen hardware and development environments and try to find an exact match with resumes and CVs on offer, often with little success. For this reason, we can offer to potential customers short-duration "trial periods" at reduced cost for jobs in which we see the potential to impress, given the opportunity.


Any considered. Previous locations include the UK, USA, and Australia.

French, German and Italian languages (to various levels) available.


Durations of any length considered. Trial period and staged-payment (including on-delivery) entertained.

Experience (last 3 years only)