RES Stag-compatible Programmer

Red Earth Systems USB Board Programmer - FAQ

What does it do?

It replaces an aging Stag Board Programmer. These programmers are no longer being sold by Stag. The programmer used an ARINC language to describe the programming algorithm and had an interface to an adapter board to physically connect to the part to be programmed - whether it were board or chip (via an interface card).

What Operating Systems?

Windows 2000, XP and Vista-32 - plus any variant (Home, Professional, SP2) on them.

What hardware is required?

A PC with a USB1.0 (minimum) port. The programmer can work with better - i.e. USB1.1 or USB2.0.

What about my own ARINC scripts for programming my own (custom) boards?

No problem - it will run them.

What do they cost?

Contact us - at:


We are making them by hand as and when needed at the moment.

When will they be available?

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in April 2009.

What should I do to get one?

E-mail us with "Programmer" in the subject using the address given above (so you're not regarded as spam).


Last update: 17 Nov 2004